Do you cover any warranty on the Printer? HP states it will void their warranty to use these cartridges. Thanks!

HP CF410X/11X/12X/13X Black & Color High Yield Toner Set for M452 M477
HP cannot void the warranty for using non-HP cartridges. In fact MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY IMPROVEMENT ACT makes illegal for HP to void the warranty for using non-HP cartridge.

Here is what HP states regarding Non-HP Laser Print Cartridge Use

For HP printer products, the use of a non-HP toner cartridge or a refilled toner cartridge does not affect either the warranty to the customer or any HP support contract with the customer. However, if printer failure or damage is attributable to the use of a non-HP or refilled toner cartridge, HP will charge its standard time and materials charges to service the printer for the particular failure or damage.
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Answered by TP on Jun 7, 2016