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Reward Points Program

Please note that customers who are enrolled in Membership Discount Program will not earn reward points on their purchases. A customer can only be enrolled in only one of these two programs at one time.

Q. What is reward point program?
A. You earn reward points for every purchase at Tonerpirate.com. You can redeem those points for cash discount on your next purchase. Conversion rate is 20 points = $1 discount. Points can only apply to next purchase. There is no minimum points needed to redeem for a discount.

Q. How many points do I earn?
A. Number of points earned will depend on the product and qualtity that you order. It goes from minimum of 5 points to maximum of 20 points per product and this will be multiplied by the number of cartridges ordered. Number of points set for each product is listed in the product page.

Q. How do I find out how many points I have already earned?
A. First, you have to login to your account. After this, you will click on "Orders history" on the right menu bar. Number of points earned is mentioned in order history page.

Q. Will reward points expire?
A. All the points you earned will expire after 1 year from the last order. If you are a regular customer who place atleast one order a year, your points will last forever!!

Q. How do I redeem points I earned?
A. At checkout, choose "Reward Points" as payment method. Then it will ask you to enter number of points you want to redeem. Cash discount will be applied to your subtotal. You can pay the rest of the balance using credit card or other payment methods.

Reward Point Program Policy
• Points earned can only be applied to the next purchase.
• If you return a product for any reason, the points you earned for this product will be deducted from your account.
• If you are returning a product and have already redeemed the points you earned for this product, you will be charged for the amount that you get discount from redemption of these points.
• Points cannot be transferred from one user account to another for any reason.
• We will not change the 20 points = $1 convertion rate so that the dollar value of points you already earned will stay the same.
• We may change the number of reward points set for each cartridge from time to time.