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Discount Membership Program

Discount Membership Program

Q. What is Discount Membership Program?

Basically, if you are buying from us for a while, we think you deserve some discount for several reasons — remembering our store when you need supplies, telling your friends about us, buying a large quantity over time, saving us additional time and money to get your business, and patiently putting up with our imperfect service over years (which we are continuously improving).

So when you login to our site, we calculate current LP Score (Loyalty-Profitability Score) based on your order history with us. Based on the resulted LP score, you will get prices that are lowered than what non-Member customer would see.

Q. What is LP score?

A. A customer's LP (Loyalty-Profitability) score is the number generated based on the customer's past history with TonerPirate.com. It can range from 0 - 100. LP Score represents the customer's loyalty and cost of acquisition or providing services to a particular customer.

Q. Where can I find my LP score or current membership status?

A. If you are a registered user with atleast one "completed" order within past 3 year, your LP score and membership status can be viewed under your profile. Please login to your account and click on View/Modify Profile on the right side of the page. LP score and membership status are listed under Username & Password section near the bottom of the page.

Q. Can you tell me about membership levels, actual price discounts and relation to LP scores?
A. Currently, there are four levels: Sailor, Gunner, Boatswain, and Quartermaster. Membership levels from Sailor to Quartermaster are assigned based on the LP score. When a customer logins to our website, the system will check the history of previously completed orders (orders that are still in process are excluded) and other related information to calculate the LP score. Then, customer is assigned to a proper membership level and pricing on the website is updated accordingly. Please see the table below for the range of LP scores and respective membership and discount levels.

LP Score
Price Discount for Products (SKU starts with ....)
12.00-19.99 Sailor Membership 2% 0% 0% 0% 0%
20.00-39.99 Gunner Membership 3% 2% 0% 0% 0%
40.00-74.99 Boatswain Membership 5% 3% 1% 1% 1%
75.00-100.00 Quartermaster Membership 7% 5% 2% 2% 2%
**Please note: Above discount levels are not guaranteed and they may change from time to time. We also reserve the right to discontinue this membership discount program anytime in the future.

TP-/HT-/HT- Remanufactured / compatible toner and ink cartridges
XE- Compatible toner cartridges made by Xerox (avaialble for HP and Brother toner models)
OB-/ON-/NI- Brand new OEM toner and ink cartridges
CT-/CI- Compatible toner and ink cartridges made by third party manufacturer
OM-/DT- Brand new data tape and CD/DVD media

Q. What affect my LP score and what can I do to increase it?
A. Followings from your past order history will affect the LP score.
  • Total revenue of each order (Ordering a large quantity can increase the LP score.)
  • Number of orders in the past (Regular ordering can increase the LP score.)
  • Type of products that were ordered (Choosing remanufactured/compatible items over OEM Brand name items can increase the LP score.)
  • Return of itens from the past orders (A return can decrease LP score since it negatively affect overall order revenue and quantity history.)
  • Use same account everytime and request us to merge your accounts if you have more than one account. Let us know your login names. If you have multiple accounts under the same email address, we have already merged them for you.
  • Save our website TonerPirate.com to your website favourites for future visits. Please type our website name in the browser address bar instead of typing it in Google search and clicking on the sponsored link. Due to high advertisement cost. we are unable to provide this additional discount to customers who are referred by our paid advertisings from search engine and other website.
Q. Can you tell us how you calculate LP score?
A. At this time, we choose not to disclose the formula that is used to calculate LP score. However, it is carefully formulated to provide a fair reward to all levels of loyal customers, from a reseller who buy large quantity to an individual who buy small quantities over time.

Q. What are the justifications for this price customization?
A. We started this membership program mainly to reward loyal customers who buy in large quantity from us overtime, who help us grow, and who have been patient with our imperfect services. Moreover, this program will help us establish a better relationship with all our customers and lower the cost of providing products and services, which will be beneficial to customers as well as us.

Q. Will I still earn reward points for my orders while I am participating membership program?
A. Since membership program offers instant price discount for many items, orders placed by discount program members will not earn any reward points. However, if you are not eligible for any discount membership (if your are currently "Non Member"), you will earn reward points for the products ordered. Discount program members can still redeem the points earned previously for cash discount